About Spacers

Welcome to Spacers!

So, what is Spacers, then?
Spacers is... well, it's a blog about space! It began life as an email list of friends and family who were always pestering me to give them my own unique view on recent space events. As as bonefide space geek I keep up with everything to an obsessive level, and as regular folks with an interest in space but no idea where to look or what to look for, I was able to pull together a regular every day look at space events using language they could relate to. Interest was high around the time of a Space Shuttle launch, and people would always ask similar questions like - so, what are they doing this time?

Spacers became a blog early in 2008, which gave me an opportunity to write regularly on the subject I love It wasn't until the fall of 2009 that I was able to really blog on a regular basis, and now with an ever growing readership Spacers has a lofty future ahead.

Please enjoy reading Spacers and feel free to leave comments if you like what you read.

Thank you.