Spacers Is Alive!

Welcome Spacers, finally it has a home in the great wide Blogisphere!

I'm just getting started on Blogger.com, so there might be some dust while I move stuff in. I'll kick things off in style... check out this cool picture of an actual avalanche on Mars, courtesy of HiRISE.

Some poor Martian gets too close to the edge!

This is one of those images that even non-spacers can go ooooh at, because unlike boring pictures of dunes and craters this is an actual movey thing on another planet!

Go ahead and click it to view the entire JPL image, it's incredible. There are several avalanches in the same frame. We're looking down from orbit about 318km above an area very close to the martian North pole. The boffins are just starting to paw over the data but expect some more interesting stuff on this in the near future. I predict it won't be long before we get a stereo image and a before and after.

Stay spaced to this tune...

I'll be making an announcement soon, so for now, keep the space!

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