Go for Launch!

The Rotating Service Structure (RSS), the protective scaffolding that surrounds the Shuttle on the pad, was retracted this morning to reveal Space Shuttle Endeavour, poised and ready to launch to the ISS!

Space shuttle Endeavour stands poised for launch.

Scheduled for lift-off at 06:28 GMT, the current forecast points to a 10% chance of weather delaying the launch. The primary concern is a low cloud ceiling around the Kennedy launch complex.

The crew consists of Commander Dominic Gorie, Pilot Gregory H. Johnson, Mission Specialists Rick Linnehan, Robert L. Behnken, Mike Foreman, Garrett Reisman and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi. The crew arrived to a rain soaked Florida early Saturday morning, but Commander Gorie shrugged off the wet welcome. "Thank you all for welcoming us here in this wonderful weather we've got. I think when we get the weather done with here today, we're going to have a nice shot at launching."

STS-123 carries part of the Japanese Kibo module, and the Canadian Dextrous Manipulator, known as Dextre.

More updates soon!

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