Endeavour Launches!!!

Lighting up the night sky like a second sunrise, Endeavour created a beautiful launch portrait as she soared through the low Florida clouds. Heading to orbit exactly on time, the area around the launch complex was flooded in daylight whilst the orbiter gracefully soared into the heavens.

Space shuttle Endeavour lifts off its launch pad to start the STS-123 mission.

I had the privilege of witnessing a night launch in person back in, oh 1992 I think it was, and I can truly say that it is an amazing sight. I stood on Cocoa Beach with my friend Gary at 4am, in pitch dark, families and kids playing in sand they could barely see, until the sky truly lit up as bright as day! Such memories are priceless, and with the retirement of the Shuttle fleet due in 2010, I recommend you add a launch viewing to your bucket list.

Look out for more Spacers blogs as the STS-123 mission progresses.

Good luck Endeavour... Happy Spacing, Spacers!

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