At Whitson's End

Peggy Whitson, commander of Expedition 16 on the International Space Station, and holder of the record for longest cumulative time in space for an American, ended her tenure with a landing in Kazakhstan with her crewmate Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, and South Korea's first astronaut, 29-year-old bioengineer Yi So-yeon.

Yi described their descent through reentry as "Really scary" as a glitch in the descent profile caused their Soyuz capsule to go through a "ballistic reentry", whereby a much steeper drop through the atmosphere inflicts much higher G loads on the occupants.

Whitson's Soyuz capsule undocks from the ISS

Expedition 17 is settling in to their new home and is awaiting the arrival of the STS-124 Space Shuttle mission due to launch on May 31st. Keep an eye on Spacers for coverage of the mission!

Happy Spacing, Spacers!

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