STS-131: Launch Underway

Spacers Launch!

Space Shuttle Discovery looks good for a launch at 6:21am EST. Weather looks perfect and no issues are being worked. The crew is just been strapped into the vehicle, comm checks are underway, and any moment now tanking will begin.

Astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger prepares to board

This post will be updated as the launch countdown progresses.

Happy Launching Spacers!

[update: 4:10am EST] All crew aboard and strapped in. The White Room Crew is preparing to close the hatch.

[update: 4:22am EST] Hatches closed.

The White Room Crew closing Discovery's hatch

[update: 5:07am EST] 20 minute hold entered.

[update: 5:17am EST] 20 minute hold ended. No technical issues in work, all weather indicators are green. Looking good for an on-time launch.

[update: 5:28am EST] 9 minute hold entered.

Holding at 9 minutes

[update: 5:52am EST] Possible command system technical issue being worked.

[update: 6:11am EST] All systems go and all technical issues cleared. Still looking good for launch.

[update: 6:13am EST] 9 minute hold ended.

[update: 6:21am EST] Liftoff!!

Liftoff for STS-131

[update: 6:30am EST] MECO. Discovery is in orbit.

Keep it tuned to Spacers for mission updates as Discovery closes in on the ISS for a docking early on Wednesday morning.

Images credit: NASA TV
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