Space Hotel On Target For 2012

A snip at only $4.4 million for a 3 night stay, the Galactic Suite Resort has already taken over 43 reservations despite still being in the planning phase. Slated to have its grand opening in 2012, the resort will utilize a pod concept with each pod attached to a central hub able to accommodate four guests plus the two pilots taking them on the trip.

Galactic Suite Resort concept illustration

Critics have questioned the ability of the company to get the project off the ground - literally, but CEO of Galactic Suite Ltd. Xavier Claramunt is confident after an anonymous billionaire stumped up a whopping $3 billion to finance the project. Clearly someone either saw the movie Contact, or has ambitions to be the first orbital bartender.

Plans for the project include a private spaceport in the Carribean where guests will also train before their flight, and Russian supplied rockets to build and supply the resort.

So, isn't it a bit on the exclusive side?
Well, yes. It is a very ambitious project indeed, but with over 40 reservations and an apparent queue of guests that numbers over 200, there seems to be enough people with some spare change in the bank who want to vacation in a space hotel. Whether the number are sustainable is questionable though. Unless the clientele is going to fill the roster with repeat business, it may turn out to be a short lived venture. Or, unless of course there are far more people on the planet than we know about who are holy crap rich!

Either way it will be very interesting to watch the project unfold, and I'll make a bold Spacers prediction here that if it does get off the ground, there will be a reality TV show deal not far behind it.

Happy Space Vacationing Spacers!


Image courtesy of Space.com and Galactic Suite
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