STS-129: Atlantis Undocks

After almost a week docked to the ISS, Space Shuttle Atlantis has separated from the station marking the end of its supply and delivery mission. Two days short of being able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday together in space, the two crews enjoyed a final meal together before saying their goodbyes and sealing the hatches. The crews spent a final night attached before waking up to undock, perform the now traditional flyaround, and separate from the station.

The crews enjoy a final meal together

Once clear of the station the Atlantis crew had a busy day of preparations which included a final inspection of the heat shield. They will get a much welcomed day of rest tomorrow for Thanksgiving, before it is back to business getting the orbiter back safely on to the ground on Friday at the earliest. A minor issue with a waste water tank is not seen as a problem unless the mission is extended by a day due to bad weather at the landing sites. So far though, everything looks good.

Catch up with the latest flight day highlights below.

Image credit: NASA
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