STS-129: Atlantis Lands Safely

Mission STS-129 is over. This morning, right on time at 9:44:23 EST, with Charles Hobaugh and Barry Willmore at the controls Atlantis touched down gracefully at the Shuttle Landing Facility after a 4.3 million mile mission.

Atlantis touches down at Kennedy

After inspecting the Shuttle that had carried them into space and back, the crew made their way to conduct debriefings and press interviews. At the post-mission press conference one noticeable crew member missing was Randy Bresnik, who was whisked away to Houston to see his new born baby daughter for the first time.

Next year marks the final year of the Shuttle program, with 5 flights beginning with STS-130, Space Shuttle Endeavour will haul the Node 3 to the station. Named Tranquility after the first Apollo landing site, the new node includes a Cupola which will provide stunning panoramic views of the Earth with its seven windows.

Catch up with the last of the flight day highlights too.

Image credit: NASA TV
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