Spirits High For Rover Rescue

The Spirit rover on Mars has been stuck in soft ground since April and has endured two failed attempts to free it, but now hopes are high after data from a third attempt showed the stuck wheel turning once again and giving significantly more traction than before. The soft area has been dubbed "Troy", after the ancient city that mired the Greeks for 10 years.

Spirit uncovers a wealth of information at Troy

Spirit has not been just sitting around during its stuck time, it has been performing scientific test of the area and recently discovered the soil had a crust, indicating variations in climate over millions of years. This discovery alone points to Mars having a more active past, and with so much data gathered from one spot, Troy will be analyzed for some time even after the rover leaves - if the next rescue attempt is successful of course.

Watch out for updates as the rescue continues.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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