Dentist Extracts Meteorite

Reports are all over the web of a meteorite hitting a Dentist's office in Lorton, Virginia. Cheesy puns aside, the meteorite apparently crashed through the roof of the office at around 5:45pm on Monday, narrowly missing patients and staff. Reportedly no bigger than a mango, the shattered space rock was taken to the Smithsonian Institute for analysis, where it was confirmed as a Chondrite - a stony leftover from the formation of the solar system.

Check out the Maryland weather blog for a picture of the interplanetary visitor.

Hundreds of eyewitness reports of a fireball from North of the impact site around the same time, and scorchmarks on the rock itself point to the object searing through the sky in a Southward direction before hitting. Meteorite hunters have descended on the area trying to pick up an overlooked piece that may have fallen near the site. Finds like this can be very lucrative indeed as they are of enormous scientific value. If you live in that area and come across anything that you may suspect is from the meteorite, it could be well worth reporting.

Don't forget, Spacers, you can only see things like this if you look up at the sky!

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