Endeavour Heads To Freezing Pad

Space Shuttle Endeavour rolled out to launch pad 39A this morning, braving freezing cold temperatures as it made its way in preparation for a February 7th launch date. Mission STS-130 is the first of five launches this year, the final year of the Space Shuttle program, and is set to deliver a new node to the International Space Station called Tranquility, which comes equiped with a 7 window Cupola.

Endeavour en-route to pad 39A

The cold temperatures are not unusual at the Florida cape in January, and although the early morning trip began at a sub-zero 4:13am, the hardware was not affected. Launches are not permitted when the weather drops below 2 Celcius (36f), but hauling the Shuttle to the pad is fine as long as the crawlerway - the path to the pad - is not blocked by snow.

STS-130 Mission Patch

Spacers will be keeping a close eye on the launch preparations so stay tuned for updates as STS-130 approaches.

Image credit: NASA TV, NASA
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