It Be Cold In Olde England

Thanks to Phil Plait over at BadAstronomy for spotting this absolutely gorgeous picture of the British Isles from space amidst a not-so-liberal dousing of snow.

The UK under just a little snow

I notice that my old stomping ground in Northern Ireland isn't quite as badly covered as the inland areas, but wow that is one incredible picture. From my warm and cozy desert here in Arizona it is hard to picture what it was like to endure cold like that, but I do remember that the snow was fun - for about the first five minutes, then you had to deal with removing it manually because the DOE (Department Of the Environment) was 'taken by surprise' and didn't grit the roads the night before, causing widespread chaos because of un-passable roads. Still, it had its upsides, the ritual of the making of the snowman and watching my old dog Chewie - a very furry collie - run around the back garden rolling up snowballs in her fur then depositing them around the house. Priceless.

Chewie helping to soak up the snow

Happy Freezing, UK Spacers!

Image credit: Me, and NASA
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MsWild said...

She loved it!!!