The Countdown Begins - And Is Scrubbed

The countdown to mission STS-130 has begun. Scheduled for launch early Sunday morning, Space Shuttle Endeavour will haul the Tranquility node to the International Space Station (ISS) on a mission that will last 13 days and include three spacewalks.

So far in the countdown there have been a few minor issues, but nothing that will have an impact on the launch. A glitch in a cabin pressure regulator aboard Endeavour was quickly dealt with by a repair team that was dispatched to the launch pad. The repair delayed the start of fueling operations by about 45 minutes, which were then further delayed by a glitch on the ground equipment. Everything is back on track now, and Endeavour is loaded up with around 526,000 gallons of propellant for its 8 nine minute ride into orbit.

Endeavour sits ready to go on Pad 39A

NASA TV has begun broadcasting launch coverage, and Spacers will be drinking coffee and updating this very post as the countdown to the launch gets closer to the big moment.

Happy Launching, Spacers!

[update: 3:15am EST] The hatch has been closed on Endeavour and the countdown is proceeding as normal. There is a slight concern about some clouds moving toward the launch site from the north.

The hatch is sealed

[update: 3:30am EST] Close-out crew departs the pad. 20 minute hold in progress.

[update: 3:35am EST] 20 minute hold has ended, we are go for launch!

Endeavour is ready to launch

[update: 3:45am EST] Final 9 minute hold is in progress. No issues are being worked.

[update: 4:28am EST] Mission managers all good to go - apart from weather.

Weather could postpone Endeavour's launch

[update: 4:30am EST] STS-130 launch has been scrubbed! Weather is too unpredictable and mission managers are not comfortable.

Two possible options are available, 24 or 48 hour turnaround. Keep it tuned to Spacers for updates.

Image credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett, NASA TV
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