STS-130: Launch Attempt Two Underway

1 day after the aborted launch attempt due to unpredictable weather, Space Shuttle Endeavour is once again ready for another attempt to get STS-130 underway. Due to the orbital track of the ISS, a 1 day turnaround ends up at around 23.5 hours later instead of a full day. Launch is scheduled for 4:14am EST Monday morning. Weather is said to look better for this launch attempt and forecasters are a lot more optimistic that weather will not delay again today. No technical issues are being worked either, and tonight looks like a good night to fly.

The countdown has just resumed out of the 3 hour hold, and the astronauts are suiting up and will be heading out to the orbiter shortly.

Endeavour sits ready for its 2nd launch attempt

Keep it tuned to Spacers for updates.

[update: 12:27am EST] Crew departs in the Astrovan for the launch pad.

[update: 12:41am EST] The crew has arrived at the pad and is inspecting the orbiter from underneath.

The crew inspects the Shuttle

[update: 1:20am EST] Crew is entering the orbiter and the close-out crew is strapping them in.

Waiting in the middeck

[update: 1:58am EST] Crew all aboard, comm checks

[update: 2:50am EST] Close-out crew is leaving the launch pad.

[update: 2:51am EST] 20 minute hold underway.

[update: 3:11am EST] 20 minute hold complete, countdown resumed. No issues in work. Weather a slight concern.

[update: 3:22am EST] Final 9 minute hold underway.

Endeavour looking good for launch

[update: 4:07am EST] 9 minute hold complete, all systems are go and Endeavour is on final countdown.

[update: 4:11am EST] Engine gimbal checks underway.

[update: 4:12am EST] Beanie cap retracting

[update: 4:14am EST] Lift-off!

Lighting up the sky

Endeavour launches!

[update: 4:16am EST] Booster separation.

[update: 4:23am EST] MECO. Endeavour is in orbit.

Keep tuned to Spacers for updates throughout the STS-120 mission.

Images credit: NASA TV
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