STS-130: Endeavour Closes In For Docking

Space Shuttle Endeavour is closing in on the ISS for a docking that is predicted for 12:06am EST Wednesday morning. With yesterday's heat shield inspections complete and an orbiter in good shape, the crew will perform a now customary 'backflip' beneath the station to enable the ISS crew to get high resolution photography of the heatshield for further analysis on the ground.

Tranquility sits in the cargo bay ready for delivery

Spacers will update this post as the docking approaches.

[update: 11:54pm EST] Spacers internet issues solved. Endeavour at 75 feet from docking. Closing a 1/10th of a foot per second.

The ISS from Endeavour's docking ring

[update: 12:02pm EST] Endeavour 35 feet from docking.

Endeavour crew busy preparing to dock

[update: 12:06am EST] Endeavour capture confirmed. The Shuttle and ISS are now one spacecraft.

Endeavour moments from docking

[update: 12:16am EST] All motion has been dampened. Crews preparing to hard dock. Latches will be retracted to draw the two craft together creating an air tight seal.

[update: 12:54am EST] Final hooks are confirmed as closed. Hard dock.

[update: 1:14am EST] Pressurization and leak checks underway.

[update: 2:14am EST] Leak checks complete. Hatch opening imminent.

[update: 2:16am EST] Hatches open!

[update: 2:37am EST] Endeavour crew is entering station.

Endeavour and ISS crews meet for the first time

It's straight to work for the two crews now. Preparations will begin after a short safety briefing for the docked portion of the mission. Keep an eye on Spacers for mission updates.

Image credit: NASA TV
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