STS-130: Repairs And Preparation

The twelve humans currently aboard the ISS spent their first full day of docked operations carrying out repairs and preparing for a spacewalk tomorrow. The urine recycling unit, which greatly reduces the station crew consumption of water by extensively filtering urine, sweat and condensation, failed for a third time late last year. A refurbished distillation assembly was flown aboard Endeavour for the mission, and will be replaced once again. Tomorrow's spacewalk will be to support the installation of the new Tranquility node on the ISS, and astronauts Robert Behnken and Nicholas Patrick spent the day preparing for what is anticipated to be a challenging installation. NASA flight controllers decided to rest the crew well by thinning the end of day schedule.

No flight day highlights have been released as yet, so in the meantime enjoy a couple of videos of the Shuttle backflip and crew arrival.

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