STS-130: Tranquility Has Landed

On day 5 of Mission STS-130, the crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour along with the ISS crew have successfully installed the new Tranquility Node to the side of the ISS - a temporary installation point where its systems can be checked and the node prepared for its final position on the underside of the station. The first spacewalk is underway to support the installation as the two crews work to activate the new module.

NASA TV is disguising its flight day highlights videos under more descriptive titles, which scuppered those of us looking for a chronological record. The first few days are in order below, and Spacers will try to keep a diligent eye on this disturbing new trend - hah ha!

Flight Day 1 Highlights

Flight Day 3 Highlights

Flight Day 4 Highlights

Flight Day 2 Highlights seem very elusive at the moment, NASA TV must be hiding it. Spacers will keep a look out for it, but if any Spacers out there manage to find it, please let us know and we'll post it here.

Happy Highlights, Spacers!

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