STS-130: Endeavour Undocks

After almost 10 full days docked to the International Space Station, Space Shuttle Endeavour has now undocked and is on its way home. During the stay the six astronaut crew took part in the installation of a brand new module, Tranquility, which included the much anticipated Cupola, a 7 window outlook module that is now giving stunning panoramic views of the Earth and of the station itself.

Stephen Robinson poses in the newly installed Cupola

Once undocking was complete, Endeavour performed the customary flyaround of the ISS, an opportunity for the crew to not only see the results of their handiwork, but to get video and pictures of the ISS in its newly expanded state. Pilot Terry Virts took the controls of Endeavour for the flyaround, first moving out to a safe distance of 400 feet, then slowly performing an up and over circle around the station. Once complete, Virts fired the main thrusters to separate from the station. Endeavour is set to land as early as Sunday morning.

Endeavour performs a flyaround of the ISS

This is a perfect opportunity to catch a sighting of the two spacecraft as they orbit the Earth together in a relatively close formation. Visit Heavens Above for sighting opportunities in your area.

Images credit: NASA, NASA TV
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